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Elite athletes practice hard work, dedication and perseverance on a daily basis. They understand how important these traits are, and also what it’s like to face adversity and to struggle.

By sharing their experiences, they lead by example, and help students understand and develop the skills necessary to thrive and succeed. Through the utilization of the principles of sport, students can see effort, fair play, and teamwork in a visual way that helps them connect these ideals to their own lives.
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Classroom Champions athlete mentors give back to the community, have a positive impact on children and youth, feel inspired through their work with students and teachers, and also have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for success in life after sport.

With Classroom Champions, athletes can mentor hundreds of students over an entire school year in the same amount of time it takes to visit one school, one time.

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Athlete Advisory Board

The Athlete Advisory Board was formed to give our athletes a voice and to drive our athlete community with strategic recruiting of athletes and sport organizations. Our objective is to provide our athletes with support in order to help further their careers as athletes and beyond; and to establish a community of world class athletes within our mentorship program in order to expand on networks and shared experiences our athletes so often have in common.