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Team Members

  • Co-Founder, President and CEO, Classroom Champions
  • Co-Founder, Classroom Champions, Head of Education
  • Athlete Mentor Manager
  • Head of Engagement & Content Strategy
  • Circle Lead
  • Executive Assistant
  • Head of People, Performance and Wellness
  • Manager, Finance
  • Video Production Manager
  • Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Experience and Engagement Specialist
  • Kid Power Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Head of Sales
  • Director of Education and Strategy
  • Manager, Community
  • Partnerships Success Coordinator
  • IT Specialist
  • Partnership Success Coordinator
  • Head of Athletes
  • Western Canada Outreach Lead
  • Organizational Administrator

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Board of Directors

Champions Board

The Champions Board is a group of mission-driven individuals who are personally committed to advancing the goals of Classroom Champions. Their philanthropic efforts help to expand programming and jumpstart ambitious initiatives.

Athlete Advisory Board